ViewFrom36k is a thought-leading, digital content hub that gives a comprehensive, big picture view of business travel, along with the solutions needed to lower costs, improve employee productivity and drive revenue growth.
Small meeting in a business office. Travel management tools that are available to large corporations are also available to small businesses.

From Up Here, It’s All Clear

Every journey begins on the runway. The engines fire up and you gain momentum. Your plane takes flight, soaring higher and higher, until you’re cruising at 36,000 feet - looking down at the shifting landscape, the valleys and mountains, the cities and towns. 

From up here, you can see all the moving parts and how they flow together. You can see the rifts to your plan, the obstacles you must overcome. You can see the direction you need to go, and the best path to get there.

ViewFrom36k serves a range of professionals, from C-suite executives to in-house travel managers, administrative professionals and HR staff. We are a trusted source to find ways to manage travel costs, improve the overall travel experience and keep employees safely moving in the right direction.

Find those solutions here. At ViewFrom36k, you'll gain a new and advantageous perspective of the business travel world…from 36,000 feet.

Everything in View

As you begin to develop your own personal view from 36,000 feet, your understanding of the true financial and technical scope of business travel will develop. As a result, you will be empowered to make well-informed decisions that impact your company’s bottom line. From financial benchmarking and rate negotiations to meetings management and Duty of Care, ViewFrom36k shows you how to become the business travel expert your company needs.

Revolutionizing the Way Business Travels

As North America’s largest travel agency company, Travel Leaders Group delivers a high-touch, personal level of travel expertise to both corporate and leisure clients through more than 7,000 company-owned, franchised and affiliated travel agencies throughout the world. 

Travel Leaders Group is using our considerable market share and global reputation to Revolutionize the Way Business Travels. Our Corporate Travel team provides unparalleled door-to-door travel fulfillment, insightful analytics to maximize your ROI, essential resources to manage your corporate events, and innovative technology that keeps your travelers connected and protected. As a result, we make your company’s business travel more convenient, more productive and more affordable. 

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