Business travelers find time for fun too.

You know the old saying about all work and no play. Turns out business travelers are finding some time to play during their work trips, but prefer to keep the details to themselves. According to a recent poll of frequent business travelers conducted by National Car Rental, 80% of workers will take some time for fun & games during a business trip. But 38% wouldn’t dream of sharing this information with their boss or a co-worker. A third of those polled wouldn’t even tell a spouse how they’re spending their free time!

These survey findings support the emerging ‘bleisure’ travel trend – extending a business trip to add some leisure time. Many workers will add a personal day to business travel in order to explore a new city, engage in a cultural activity or sample local food specialties. Some of the most popular domestic destinations for bleisure trips are New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. 

The good news for workers is that your boss wants you to balance the work & play. Business travel can be tough, and those who do it the most frequently tend to feel the effects. Rob Connors, National’s VP of Brand Marketing notes, “business travel may seem glamorous to some, but the reality of navigating airports, managing hectic meeting schedules and sleeping in unfamiliar places can become tiresome and stressful over time.” The National Car Rental survey reports that more than 90% of supervisors support their employees who take time for personal and fun activities while traveling for business.

The vast majority of business travelers self-report that they are generally more efficient and productive during a trip. But this increased work output comes at a personal cost. Workers also indicate that they sleep less, eat unhealthy meals and skip workouts while on the road. More of their day is dedicated to work than leisure while away, although this breakdown doesn’t seem to affect their satisfaction with business travel in general. 

Does your company have a policy on ‘bleisure’ travel? What about comp time for weekend travel to a Monday morning meeting? Consider adding your company’s stance on these topics during your next travel policy review. Don’t have a travel policy? Read our article for tips on creating one.

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