Take a page from the NCAA

It’s on. NCAA Basketball Tournament time is here and the mayhem begins - stunning upsets, All-American player match-ups. Who will be this year’s Cinderella story? Hopes and dreams – and NBA draft standings - are on the line. Coaches and players both feel the pressure to perform under intense scrutiny. Now add in the hectic game schedule, plus the task of moving teams across the country in a time of reduced aircraft capacity and don’t forget possible weather from spring storms that could put a trip at risk.

If you thought putting together a business trip with four staffers was tough, imagine the logistics involved in getting a team of 16 college basketball players, 8 coaches, 1 mascot and a dozen other people to their Tournament play-off game in Dayton. Then the winning team heads out for another game five days later in Des Moines. Now multiply that effort to all 68 teams traveling to and from their games. It’s a monumental undertaking. But, the NCAA did something for its teams that you should consider for your varsity players: hire a professional corporate travel agency. Getting the travel logistics out of the way allows coaches to focus on drawing up double zone defenses and pick & roll plays. Wouldn’t your business travelers benefit from a similar arrangement?

Just as the NCAA tournament generates massive revenues for colleges, advertisers and television networks, your company can also benefit from traveling for business. The US Travel Association estimates that US companies experience an average of $12.50 return on every dollar invested in business travel.

US companies experience an average of $12.50 return on every dollar invested in business travel.

While top-performing teams in the big dance enjoy access to chartered jets and buses to deliver them to the playoff venues and arenas, you may not be able to fund this level of service for your top performers. But a travel management company can leverage its purchasing volume into discounts and preferred rates for your travelers. Plug your business travel expense numbers into our interactive calculator and see how you could cut costs by bringing in a team of corporate travel experts. 

In case of a major disruption, all of the NCAA tournament squads can rely on 24/7 customer service from their travel management company. Can you offer the same safety net to your traveling team? Travel Leaders Corporate offers dedicated customer service immediately available by text and phone to rebook you and keep you moving in the right direction.

You wouldn’t expect Coach K to book 25 rooms at the Hyatt Regency for the Final Four in Minneapolis, so why ask your best salesperson to do that for her important meetings? Take a page from the NCAA’s playbook and assign travel planning to the experts. 

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