Gabe Rizzi, President, Travel Leaders Corporate

This month, we’ve rolled out improvements to our TL CONNECT communications tool. It’s our text-based alert system that sends a message when my flight is delayed, asks if I need to be rebooked and notifies me of gate changes. We’ve added some security enhancements and refined the communications so that everything takes place via SMS text – which means there’s no app to download!

I’m a major user since I’m on the road for business several days each week. The big differentiator with CONNECT is that I get alerts from Travel Leaders before I receive a message from the airline. Every single time I get a flight notification, gate change, or status update - I get it through our service well before the airline’s app sends it to me.

Once, I was sitting on a plane in Minneapolis and got a text from CONNECT saying the flight was delayed. The guy sitting next to me said, ‘oh no it’s not, the airline app says this flight is on time.’ Ten minutes later, the airline sent a notification that the flight was delayed. #toldyouso

Another time, I received a gate change announcement from the airline after we’d departed. My flight took off at 9:00am. The airline sent me the gate change alert at 9:52am – 52 minutes after we were in the air. CONNECT told me about the gate change at 7:56am.

According to our 2018 Travel Leaders Group Business Travel Trends survey, the number one concern of frequent travelers is flight delays. 

And then there are times in which I need to make itinerary changes. Recently, I was in an important meeting with a group of people from all over the country that was difficult to assemble. We were making great progress, but the meeting time ran over and I didn’t want to be the first one to leave. The last thing you want to do when you’re building relationships or trying to win new business is to interrupt the conversation and say, sorry – gotta fly. So, I sent a text to my corporate travel agent and he rebooked me on a later flight. This all happened by text on my cell phone so I didn’t disrupt the flow of the meeting, and the entire transaction took no more than 4 minutes of my time.

According to our 2018 Travel Leaders Group Business Travel Trends survey, the number one concern of frequent travelers is flight delays. I’ve been stuck in airports due to weather issues, airline system outages, and every other type of delay you can imagine. This is where CONNECT really delivers. You can modify air, hotel and car reservations by simply sending a text. Having that level of support makes all of the difference. It feels like I have a lifeline wherever I go.

Check it out for yourself. Learn more about Travel Leaders CONNECT.

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