Business travelers need a helping hand when a crisis hits.

At 7:40am on a Monday morning, an Amtrak train derailed. 13 passenger cars were sent crashing into the woods or dangling over an overpass above Interstate 5 in the middle of Seattle’s rush hour traffic. Three train passengers were killed and more than 100 were injured. Now imagine one of your employees was on a business trip to Seattle that day and you had an inkling that she might be on that fateful train. That happened to Cindi Wiebold, Strategic Program Manager at Travel Leaders Corporate who remembers, “I had a business traveler on the Amtrak train that crashed in Washington last December. My client, the company’s Travel Manager, didn’t know she had an employee on that train until I informed her.”

Duty of Care, or the responsibility of a company to protect its employees, is increasingly a concern for Corporate Travel Managers and Security Teams. After terrorist attacks at European airports and other incidents at seemingly low-risk locations, companies are re-assessing how they approach Duty of Care. Those events produced a new demand for visibility into where employees are when they’re away on business – and faster access to incident information. Even ordinary travel disruptions -- like a transit strike, weather event, or natural disaster – reveal the need for a safety net, and a new, more proactive approach to Duty of Care.

To that end, Travel Leaders Group has partnered with Stabilitas to provide protection for its corporate travel clients. Stabilitas offers real-time insights into happenings around the world and potential travel disruptions — like storms, natural disasters, political unrest, or terrorist activity — using multiple sources, including an automated scan of global newspapers and findings from their network of professional risk analysts around the world.

How It Works

To protect their people, Corporate Travel and Security Teams need relevant security information – quickly. Focused on speed, coverage, and relevance, Stabilitas uses a combination of trained analysts and Augmented Intelligence. With “humans and machines working together” to monitor the news and social media, Stabilitas automates the process of searching and alerting clients, tracks developing issues about locations where employees plan to visit, and maintains this vigilance during the entire trip. Their risk analysis engine also powers a mobile app that warns users when critical events happen, identifies areas to avoid, and provides an action plan. Stabilitas takes the extra step of filtering incidents by proximity and type to ensure the warnings are relevant. For example, a person arriving at Dallas/Fort Worth airport doesn’t need to know about a mall shooting in Plano. This intelligence platform works seamlessly for all travelers and facilities – and includes a powerful mass notification system, to ensure all employees receive critical communications.

Relevant Information Delivered Quickly

Chris Hurst, Stabilitas COO, says that “companies should look for ways to streamline their Duty of Care and security management processes.” A former Army Officer, Chris was also a Director of Enterprise Risk Management, and personally faced many Duty of Care challenges before co-founding Stabilitas in 2013. “In my prior life, we had people in 40 countries, and there was no way to keep up with the risks we faced. We needed risk intelligence, faster – and we realized this could only be accomplished with better technology.”

Implementing a Duty of Care Plan

Your company can protect a single traveler’s itinerary, or ramp up to full team protection, even adding in facility security. When you have this service via a managed travel account, companies can use it as much or as little as needed, knowing that it’s always an option.

Clients may also arrange for temporary coverage for special events that draw a lot of employees into a single location. For example, a group from your marketing team may be headed to a conference in San Diego. Protecting a large gathering of your human capital is a good use of Duty of Care coverage.

Travel Leaders Group is the only managed travel company partnered with Stabilitas, giving TLG exclusive access to a breadth and depth of coverage unmatched in the industry. We’re committed to leveraging emerging technologies to provide solutions for your travelers’ safety and security. Get in touch with us today to work out a plan to protect your staff.