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The second annual Innovation Series sponsored by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) got underway on May 10th. I’ll be watching the following 9 technology companies as they compete for the title “Best Innovator in Business Travel” in a series of 3 webinars leading up to the GBTA Convention in August. The competition highlights products and services making the biggest impact on the travel industry. The winners of the three pre-Convention webinars will go on to present to attendees at the GBTA Convention in San Diego in hopes of being named the big winner. I’ll be there to watch the Series Finale and find out which company takes home the top prize.

9 Technology Innovators

Lumo won round one in the Innovation Series. The technology uses predictive analytics to calculate the probability of flight delays or cancellations months, weeks, and hours ahead of time, so you can change your plans in advance. Flight disruptions are the #1 concern of frequent travelers according to the 2018 Travel Leaders Group Business Travel Trends survey.

Stay22 helps business travelers find alternative accommodations to avoid high hotel room charges and spend the night closer to their meeting or event. The platform offers 5 million+ rooms globally and works with your existing travel management structure to maintain your Duty of Care policies and stay under rate caps.

TripGrid is like Google sheets for groups and business travel. Trips, documents, reservations and traveler profiles are all in one place thanks to their automated tool which pulls itinerary information from emails, online reservations, and even PDFs.

GermFalcon is a robot that cleans airplanes using ultraviolet light from nose to tail – from the cabin area including the seats and luggage bins, to the gallery where food is prepped, all the way back to the lavatories. Many studies demonstrate the connection between poor aircraft hygiene and the spread of germs like E.coli and MRSA and infectious diseases like the flu.

Waylo claims to be the first hotel price prediction and tracking app. This hotel booking tool predicts the future room rate and allows you to reserve a room at the projected price, while assuming the risk that the price won’t spike in the interim.

Gaest allows meeting planners in northern Europe to choose from thousands of unique spaces for meetings, workshops, or conferences. As with Airbnb, users can book a space directly with a host and arrange for refreshments or other meeting requirements.

Safely is a verification and insurance service for properties offering short-term rentals. They cross-check guests’ names with government records and criminal databases to verify their identities, and will also verify the rental properties are ‘as described’.

Splitty is a hotel booking technology that will split up your stay into multiple reservations to find availability in a tight market and secure the lowest rates. This start-up is backed by industry veterans Carl Wilson, former Marriott CIO and Carl Sparks, former CEO of Travelocity and Hotels.com.

Luxtripper is a UK-based leisure booking platform that matches you to your perfect vacation based on its 3-step “Where to go When” search engine. The social media reach of the brand, combined with its original technology make this woman-owned business a force in the industry.

Take a look at the list of travel technology innovators from GBTA 2017.

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