Impact of Business Travel on Job Satisfaction

It’s no secret that business travel can take a personal toll – from the effort of making logistical arrangements to the time spent away from home and loved ones. Younger employees especially say that a good work-life balance is important to them, and a company’s travel policy is a factor in deciding whether they’ll take a job or how satisfied they feel with their current employer.

Studies increasingly make a connection between satisfaction while traveling for work and an employee’s overall job satisfaction. A study released last year by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), reported that nearly 80% of business travelers say that their experience while on the road impacts their overall job satisfaction. Among millennials, the number jumps to nearly 90%.

If travel is a key component of your business, then crafting a travel policy that works for both employers and employees is crucial. While cost is understandably a driving factor, making your travel policy employee-friendly will help you attract and retain good workers. And that’s good for the bottom line. Think of it as an investment in building and keeping a quality workforce for years to come.

Employers can ensure that their travel policy meets the company’s needs, as well as the needs of their workers, by using the services of a travel management company that specializes in business travel fulfillment, and the data & analysis to show the ROI of your travel budget.

80% of business travelers say that their experience while on the road impacts their overall job satisfaction

A big benefit that a corporate travel agency provides is streamlining the booking process, making it quick and convenient. Employees don’t need to spend valuable time working their way through complicated systems to choose flights, transportation and hotels when there are experts who do it for a living.

Companies can also work with a travel management company that can provide employees a reasonable range of options for their trips. Having options sends a clear signal to your valued staff that they have a say in their business travel planning. For example, with their deep knowledge of airports and airlines, an agent can work with a client to reduce or eliminate layovers on business trips so that more time is devoted to core business tasks than waiting at a terminal.

Airport lounge memberships and upgrades for extra legroom are small things that can go a long way toward employee satisfaction. When it comes to hotels, even a small bump up to a higher-tier property can make a big difference in an employee’s comfort. The greater flexibility can prove beneficial to your business if it means a better travel experience. And for employees, a better travel experience increases employee retention.

One of the most important ways in which a travel management company can help boost job satisfaction is by giving employees peace of mind when they are away from home. Employees know that when they’re away on business there’s someone they can call 24/7 if they have a problem – whether it’s rebooking a delayed or canceled flight, help switching hotels or extending their stay. Our Travel Leaders CONNECT mobile tool allows customers to change their travel plans simply by texting one of our agents. Check out this article to learn more about our award-winning travel management technology solution.

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