Business Travel Insights create cost savings

Looking for a sophisticated yet user-friendly way for travel managers to understand their full travel spend? Travel Leaders Group has the solution. Business Travel Insights (BTI) shows a dashboard of metrics powered by your travel spending and expense management information.

BTI gives clients the ability to track their complete current travel spend, and also analyze trends for future savings and efficiencies. Travel managers can track travel policy compliance, monitor travelers’ behavior, assign employees a travel compliance “grade,” and use geo-analysis to determine where your next travel supplier rate negotiation should happen.

Over the years, Travel Leaders Group listened to multiple customer requests for a simple but deep representation of their travel spending patterns and employees’ travel habits. On average, travel is a company’s second largest expense. Due to all of the complex variables inherent in travel, costs can quickly escalate without the right controls in place. Business Travel Insights gives you that control and visibility. Through our multi-stage approach, your organization will be able to view travel spend at a company-wide level, and then get down into the details of individual air, car or hotel bookings.

BTI Enables Organizations to:

  • Identify overall performance, analyze trends and deep-dive into historic and future travel spend
  • Determine maximum cost savings at different levels of policy compliance
  • Gain actionable intelligence for better strategy implementation
  • Implement custom filters and export to Excel

For companies seeking to reduce travel expenses, BTI analyzes travel spending, trends, and traveler behavior to increase transparency and identify process inefficiencies. It gives you a near 360° view of your travel spend and policy adherence. Users can work within the solution or export key findings to an Excel spreadsheet that you can share with colleagues.

With BTI, our clients get superior negotiated rates, save money in their travel budget and bring all their travelers into compliance. But, some travel managers have found that financial data alone doesn’t give the full picture. The ability to discover and potentially adjust traveler behavior is what makes BTI a real benefit to the organization.

User-Friendly Dashboards

BTI creates data-driven dashboards centered on your company’s air, hotel, car rental, out-of-program expenses and booking behaviors. Custom filters on all dashboards allow you to zero in on the most pertinent information for your organization. Our user-friendly dashboards provide a thorough analysis of air, hotel & transportation costs, KPIs, trends and Travel Policy compliance.

KPI Metrics Include:

  • Online booking adoption rate
  • Acceptance of Lowest Fare
  • Ticket Exchanges
  • Advance Ticket Purchase
  • Preferred Supplier Compliance
  • Hotel Attachment Rate

Put BTI to Work for Your Company

Our basic BTI package uses agency back office data and your HR data to analyze overall travel spending. With this data, your travel dashboard focuses on airlines, hotels, car rentals, summary KPIs for executive audiences, and behavioral dashboards that illustrate when and how travelers book.

BTI Plus adds credit card data or Concur expense data to zero in on travel booked outside of your managed program. This comprehensive view helps your company reduce out-of-program spend to ensure you’re getting the lowest negotiated rate, reveals the true volume of business by vendor for better RFP leverage, and identifies out-of-program travelers not receiving Duty of Care benefits. BTI Plus has a tracking system for managing those who use company credit cards and ensures they are spending within reasonable bounds.

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