Duty of Care program

One of our clients got a wake-up call about protecting their employees while traveling on business in March 2016 when the Brussels airport was bombed. The company had a traveler who was in Brussels during the terrorist attack but hadn’t booked his hotel through the corporate travel booking tool and no one could locate him. Neither calls nor texts were going through to his mobile phone. The company re-established communication after several anxious days, but that incident resulted in a big lesson learned. Corporations can be exposed financially if an employee is injured while on business travel and the company hasn’t provided Duty of Care resources.

To help our clients provide traveler protections, Travel Leaders Corporate offers a multi-tier Duty of Care program that allows you to safeguard your travelers with streamlined communications tools, pre-trip briefings and solutions for worst-case scenarios. A travel manager can:

• Notify staff of potential harm before their trip
• Conduct a welfare check in seconds via email, text, app or voice
• Access real-time threat intelligence reports
• Automate protection for people, facilities and property

CARE by Travel Leaders Corporate offers web and mobile platforms that integrate intelligence, alerts, communications and asset visualization – all in one dashboard. The technology uses artificial intelligence to assess over 100,000 data sources and validate incident reports. CARE instantly updates travel managers with 24/7 alerts about emergency situations and relevant information on their travelers’ destinations. It also offers optional on-the-road mobile tools and assistance to executives, travelers and non-travelers.

Watch TLC President Gabe Rizzi discuss CARE at the GBTA 2018 convention in San Diego.

3 Levels of CARE

1. CARE Essentials provides travel managers with pre- and during-trip email alerts for high-priority incidents around the world, as well as detailed email reports about the status of travelers impacted by events.

2. For companies requiring a greater degree of Duty of Care, the CARE Plus package adds a mobile app that both travel managers and travelers can use to access an online platform housing reliable pre-trip risk advisories and global alerts. It also features an interactive graphical dashboard that travel managers can use to view graphic displays of travelers’ real-time whereabouts and all types of incident alerts. Business travelers can also use their mobile app to check in and post safety status and location data.

3. Offering even more hands-on help, the CARE Premium package adds alerts to employees at a corporation’s facilities, in addition to medical assistance services, emergency travel services, security assistance services, travel risk management services, emergency response services, executive evacuation services and protection.

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