2 Businessmen shaking hands in an airport concourse. Switching travel management companies can save you money

Managed travel companies can make for complicated partners. You might have thought a well-known brand would be able to solve all of your travel-related problems. But for many companies in an ill-fitting partnership with a mega-agency, shifting over to Travel Leaders Group was the right move. Take the example of a Nursing & Care Facility with multiple business units. The organization was using a mega-agency for travel fulfillment, but moved its business to Travel Leaders Group for several reasons including: cost savings, up-to-the-minute technology tools, a high-touch client service relationship, and a partner that offered meetings management as part of the entire package.

Travel is Emotional

This client felt lost in the shuffle among the mega-agency’s numerous customers and wanted a more personal touch. With Travel Leaders Group, their travelers now have a single point of contact who knows the company and its individuals well. According to Dorothy Kopp, Strategic Program Manager for Travel Leaders Group, “We always say – travel is emotional. If a traveler misses an important event in their life like a ballet recital or a doctor’s appointment because of a problem they encountered while traveling on business, that influences how they feel about their organization.” Dorothy’s team jumped in to craft and implement a package that offered proactive program management, which was a big driver in the client’s desire to move their business.

Shifting over to Travel Leaders Group was the right move.

Case Study: Cost Savings

The partnership between the Nursing & Care Facility and Travel Leaders Group produced the following results in 2016: 

• ROI of 1 to 5; for every dollar spent in transaction fees, we returned $5 in savings
• $1.2 million in overall cost savings
• Savings compared to spend – 13%
• Management fees – 3.7% of program cost, this provides for a high-touch service environment with dedicated agents
• Adoption rate for online booking is 55%; with a dedicated agent, many choose to book by phone or text
• Annual spending breakdown: Air - $1.5 million; Hotel - $1.25 million; and Car rental - $850,000

Transition Time

The time from completing a contract to full implementation is generally four to six weeks. Our transition team leader coordinated input from a range of stakeholders in the client’s organization – from executives to admins, along with advice from road warriors and once-a-year travelers. The feedback was taken into account with our team leader listening carefully to their needs. The transition team was engaged until there were no more open questions or issues, then led a hand-off meeting between the implementation team and the incoming customer service team, thus completing the transition. Finally, Travel Leaders Group initiated a survey to get their feedback on the entire experience. During the early phase of implementation, the client had a dedicated Program Manager but then dropped back to the typical program management services – a small pool of experienced professionals to cover their needs.

Travel Leaders Group has tracking and communication tools to provide a safety net for business travelers in an emergency situation.

Personal Touch

With a Travel Leaders Group Personal Program Manager, you can have a dedicated professional responsible solely for your account. The Personal Program Manager is an experienced travel expert who reviews your company’s data and provides analysis and advice. She’ll oversee your program and make recommendations on how to obtain maximum value for your travel spending. The Personal Program Manager works together with the customers to understand what’s coming up for the year ahead. She’ll then develop a business plan and make recommendations. Your program will be continually evaluated to identify opportunities for cost savings, then the results are reviewed at the year-end. She’ll understand how travel is influencing your business and how your business is influencing your travel needs.

Travel Leaders Group Delivers

In addition to highly-responsive customer service, you get the full package of service offerings: 

24/7/365 Reservations: always on with TL CONNECT, our proprietary mobile travel management solution that gives your travelers the power to make reservations, ask live agents questions and receive real time flight disruption alerts.
Smart Technology Solutions: easy online booking with our mobile booking and service tool; access to all airlines and fares, all hotels, and all car rental companies through a single source
Supplier Discounts: our deep relationships with air, hotel and car vendors result in preferred pricing and other perks. We’ll also help with enrollment and management of airline soft dollar programs if those aren’t already in place.
Safe Travels: with today’s heightened security concerns, employee safety is an important consideration. Travel Leaders Group has tracking and communication tools to provide a safety net for business travelers in an emergency situation.

Our Team Becomes Your Team

Switching your travel program is not difficult with the right partner. With the change management offered by Travel Leaders Group, we can quickly implement and demonstrate our value to your company. Our support staff is constantly accessible and will make your transition painless. As we become more deeply involved in your business, we build a greater understanding of how travel can help you drive revenue and influence employee retention. With a reputation built on reliability and a commitment to excellence, Travel Leaders Group offers its clients technology-forward products coupled with personalized service. Check out our business travel programs to lower costs and increase the value of your travel budget.

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