Choosing the Right Hotel Room for Your Business Trip

Your hotel choice can be one of the most important aspects of a business trip. It’s crucial that your home base provides a good night’s sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to work. Lodging needs are different, based on personal preference, budget, the people with whom they’ll be traveling, and whether it’s a group meeting or a solo venture. Here are a few points to consider before you book the arrangements for your next trip.

Consider Your Environment

Think about how much of the day you’ll be in the hotel - you may just be back there to sleep. Some travelers want to step out of the lobby and be in the thick of things, with easy access to attractions, restaurants and public transportation. Others may prefer a quieter location, a leafy neighborhood or maybe a smaller hotel that offers a more personal touch. You may be fine with ultra-modern and chrome, or want something with some history and charm. Be sure to check the online user reviews to make sure guests are satisfied with the services and find out which rooms are highly recommended.

Comforts of Home

Business travel can be tiring, so a good hotel should welcome you and make you feel right at home. Maybe you could use a mat for a quick yoga session or you’ve misplaced your iPad charger? Hyatt hotels offer many of the items, gear and personal products you need without the stress of searching for them in an unfamiliar city. The ‘Hyatt Has It’ program stocks everyday essentials that you can either buy or borrow.

Dining Availability

When it comes to dining, you may prefer a hotel with breakfast included in the rate and a restaurant where you can have dinner or order room service. In many cases, a travel management company can negotiate value-add amenities like free breakfast or drinks coupons for your company’s travelers. After a long day of meetings, making yet another decision may be just too much trouble. Send a tweet out to your network to crowdsource restaurants worth trying.

Smart Rooms

Technology offerings are making a big difference when it comes to choosing a hotel. Business travelers are tech-savvy and want to stay in a technology-enhanced atmosphere. Hotel chains are equipping their rooms with gadgets and toys such as tablets, voice assistants, motorized curtains, automatic lighting and more. For example, the Hotel 1000 in Seattle gives guests the option to select desired room temperatures, artwork and music.

Personalized Solutions

There's nothing like getting personalized service at your favored hotel chain. Hotels are using artificial intelligence strengthened by their loyalty database to attract and retain customers. By providing guests with experiences like digital assistance, robust mobile apps and even robots, hotels will improve both their guest satisfaction index and their revenue.

With so many choices in every category, the possibilities can seem limitless, and at times overwhelming. That’s where a professional travel advisor from Travel Leaders Corporate can help. As seasoned travelers, travel advisors have the expertise that comes from their own experiences, as well as a deep reservoir of knowledge gained from planning trips for their other corporate clients.

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