Gaylord Palms Resort

Catch up with Travel Leaders Corporate at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Kissimmee, FL for Connect Business Travel. With former President Barack Obama as the keynote speaker, this meeting’s popularity is unprecedented. Our team is excited to be there with other leaders and innovators in corporate travel.

Travel Leaders Corporate is sponsoring the Welcome & Education Session entitled “Travel Tech Tools” on Wednesday, February 19th at 4:00pm. Alon Zaibert, Yosie Crespo and Mark Stone will be on hand to welcome visitors to the session.

Some of the other sessions include:

  • RFP Challenge – Getting to Yes
  • How Blockchain Will Provide Visibility and Control in Corporate Travel
  • From Travel Hell to Travel Well

Connect’s reverse-style trade show approach means that buyers schedule one-on-one appointments - no booths or trade shows to navigate. Spending time with corporate travel providers will give you a sense of how your business relationship may develop. We like to say, the best technology is one you don’t know is there. The technology tools that Travel Leaders Corporate provides for its customers enables your travelers to focus on their work, and not on the travel.

Attendees will find a copy of our ViewFrom36k magazine at the General Session. Our own Alon Zaibert will be on stage after the Blue Man Group performance and prior to the keynote speaker, former President Obama. There’s no chance you’ll miss Alon – he makes a big impression on any audience!

Global Travel Network

We’d like to talk to you about our international network which allows us to offer global coverage for your travelers. Travel Leaders Corporate has partnered with the largest and most experienced agencies in 80+ countries worldwide. Major TMCs, including Ailleurs Business in France and Avipam in Brazil, have become members of our international network. This global partnership allows us to provide a wide range of services around the world, all with a personalized, local touch.

Travel Leaders Corporate combines enterprise travel fulfillment with ultra-personalized service. No matter where our travelers go, they will be in the good hands of our trusted partners. Some worldwide services that we can personalize for each company include:

  • Airline reservations system that secures better NDC rates and guarantees real-time train bookings
  • Reporting analytics tap into the predictive behavior for your travelers, so we can predict future spending patterns to determine new savings potential.
  • CARE – Our passenger safety tool to keep their business travelers secure and informed around the globe and provides evacuation services when needed.
  • Business Travel Insights – Uses streams of travel data and creates easy-to-understand, quick-to-action, personalized dashboards for travel managers and business executives.
  • CONNECT communications tool – Provides business travelers with real-time itinerary information; alerts them about disruptions; and it’s an easy SMS connection directly with live travel professionals 24/7.
  • YES (Your Event Solution) is 100% dedicated to worldwide events management.

Ready to speak with a corporate travel expert about how you can better manage your business travel? Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation that can help lower costs and improve employee productivity.