Sue Berman of Travel Leaders Corporate shares her take on business travel.

I spend a lot of my time working with a team of highly talented and tenured agents who deal directly with our valued clients. For business travelers using a travel management company, we offer several levels of service offerings. Our team provides stellar customer service at different price points – we’re very effective at keeping travelers moving in the right direction. A step beyond basic is the VIP and Concierge service level options. What’s the difference between the two? I’d say that Concierge service is for C-level executives and includes an escalated 24/7/365 coverage including “above and beyond” personalized assistance.

Concierge clients are assigned a dedicated travel services agent, a special phone number to call and a separate email address to reach our team that’s monitored all day long. We provide support 24 hours in the day – a day agent and an after-hours agent, who are both trained in concierge-level service so you get the same experience day and night.

Some additional services we offer to ensure a smooth trip are:

  • 24-hour advance reconfirmation of all itinerary components
  • Flight monitoring at 4 hours, 2 hours & 1 hour prior to departure time: if necessary, we’ll reach out to the traveler with options on how to address any disruptions via their preferred communication method: text, call or email
  • Individual Profiles: we build and maintain a database of each person’s loyalty numbers, status levels and preferences that are included in each reservation
  • Loyalty program enrollment when a new airline or hotel is required
  • Customer Focus: we work on fulfilling traveler preferences, including airline seat and hotel rooms; air & hotel upgrades; and amenity requests
  • Additional concierge services and meeting support as needed

We prove our value to our clients when there’s a disruption during a trip. Rather than waiting in a lengthy airport line because of a cancellation, they step aside and chat via text with one of our agents directly or dial a dedicated phone number. Immediately, we’re working to book them on a new flight. Many times, our customer gets a seat on the next available flight minutes before it sells out. Not having to wait in that airport line makes all the difference. That’s when the phone call or text chat with our agent really pays off.

Not having to wait in that airport line makes all the difference. 

Our support team builds a great relationship with the customers they assist. We have a customer that was well known to our concierge team. We’ve been working with his company for years and book his trips frequently – even his personal travel. Our team knew his flight was cancelled because of the monitoring service and they went ahead and booked him on the next flight. We reached out to him to tell him that we’d confirmed his change of itinerary, and asked him to walk over to the next terminal to be ready to board in 25 minutes. He went over to next terminal and made the flight – done and done. Little to no disruption when travel plans hit complications make for a success story in my book. And he was pretty pleased too.

Everyone who books a trip with Travel Leaders Group is treated to personalized assistance, not just the VIPs.

Each and every customer gets help with:

  • Reviewing international itineraries by our International Rate Desk to ensure we’ve found the best available rates
  • Chasing refunds for cancelled tickets
  • Booking according to individual preferences
  • Emergency reservation services available after-hours, 7 days a week
  • Pre-departure texts or emails containing flight information & check-in links

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