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Many companies in the business travel community are well established and have been around a long time. Likewise, travel programs have operated on core principles of getting employees where they need to go safely and at a fair price. Comfort and familiarity with long-used platforms, partners and processes has ensured stability for mature management practices to develop but the growing cries of the travelers is causing many in the community to question the very structure of travel programs and their capabilities. And now newcomers are moving into the neighborhood.

New Roads

Investment in technology solutions targeted at travelers and the rising expectations from the travel program’s end users mean that it’s time for the managed travel community to catch up and innovate. At FESTIVE ROAD, we saw this change in the neighborhood coming and we’ve been taking the opportunity to be pave new roads. Our unique position at the center of the travel ecosystem is built on our Knowledge, Network and Credibility and enables us to work with both buyers and suppliers. We are on a mission to create better travel and meetings management and that requires us to challenge the status quo.


We don’t do the same old, same old. We don’t follow the road created by others; we create our own and help our clients to do the same. We are able to do this through our values…built on 3 core components:

Credible We say what we mean and we mean what we say. Our team has industry knowledge and experience and isn’t afraid to hear tough opinions or give them. We are critical friends to our clients and each other.

Committed Every situation and every customer is unique and merits 100% of our attention. We listen closely and love to get details right.

Creative We celebrate our differences and our cross-FESTIVE ROADer family. We welcome new ideas and relish opportunities to be imaginative.

Navigation On Both Sides Of The Road

To help navigate the new neighborhood and its different roads, we work with both buyers and suppliers in 3 main areas:


1. Strategy: understanding your internal position and the dynamics of the external marketplace
2. Sourcing: challenging the traditional sourcing process to ensure there is a plan which might result in a competitive bid or a creative approach to finding the right partner
3. Delivery: implementing contracts and managing travelers, executives, stakeholders and suppliers.


1. Strategy: understanding your internal position and the dynamics of the external marketplace
2. Marketing: helping you discover unique differences and how your client facing teams can articulate this in a way the buyer expects.
3. Delivery: keeping your clients satisfied and taking your relationship to the next level

What does this actually look like? For buyers, it could be a relationship audit with a TMC or a strategy assessment to indicate where the travel program is compared to peers and how it can be improved. For suppliers, it could be a sales training workshop or running a client advisory board.

Naturally, working on both sides of the community is a privileged position to be in, so our credibility is absolutely key. But with so much change in both the buyer and supplier sides of the road our insights into changing needs is vital for everyone to develop for the future.

FESTIVE ROAD is committed to evolving the travel community by helping companies navigate the roads and create new ones. We ask questions, provide recommendations and then ask more questions. We don’t stop until we’ve created the change our clients need. But you don’t have to come to FESTIVE ROAD to make this happen (although we’d love to invite you in for a chat to help you solve your challenges). You can invoke the spirit of #BeTheRoad yourself. Ask yourself the hard questions, seek input from those around you and think of what could be rather than being satisfied with what is. This is what every developing community should do…and the travel neighborhood should be no different.

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