GBTA Convention 2019

Between the Blue Brothers-inspired stage performance by Alon Zaibert, Carrie Fabris and Mike Boult at the GBTA Convention Kick-Off event to the networking reception at Bassline, complete with blues music and Chicago deep dish pizza, GBTA 2019 was both insightful and productive. Travel Leaders Group, the largest consortia group in the US and Canada, showed up with our team of executives and salespeople ready to discuss and ideate on solutions for corporate travel. New to the convention this year was our Travel Leaders International group, which included representatives from across the globe.

Travel Leaders Corporate and Travel Leaders Network partnered to launch a worldwide program of managed travel services. Both entities supplied technology partners, staff, and proprietary solutions to launch the initiative. Having partner agencies around the world will serve our existing network and future customers well with our recent international expansion.

According to Roger Block, President of Travel Leaders Network, “Our International team is customer-focused. We provide custom-designed solutions for each customer – not a simple list of services. Our ability to be agile and flexible is what differentiates us from other players.”

Watch Roger's Interview at GBTA

Angeles Yugdar, SVP of International Markets for Travel Leaders Network, notes, “We created something different. We are a complete suite of services available to customers on a global basis. We combine corporate travel management services with groups and events, leisure, luxury - we can cohesively put all of these elements into place as needed.”

Travel Leaders’ regional organizational structure allows the group to truly understand what works and what doesn’t work in each geographic area. The team is comprised of wholly owned offices and partners, each with objectives to meet. Salespeople are stationed in key global locations to be able to service customers with the experience that can only be gained from people on the ground.

On Monday of the GBTA convention, Anthony Paola, CMP and Managing Director of Meetings & Events at Travel Leaders Corporate, delivered a Meetings Committee presentation on “Merging Travel & Meetings: What’s the Next Evolution of Travel management?” Travel Managers who want to know more about merging business travel management and meetings management can check the GBTA website for the recorded session.

The discussion demonstrated what competitive advantages a company can generate by creating a holistic strategy for both types of expenses. But you can’t fix what you can’t measure. Many companies have no idea what they’re spending on meetings because internal travel and client-facing events are run by different divisions of the company that don’t always talk to each other. Paola stated, “We can help companies get a better handle on their spending. Our account management team examines at least five different spending sources to show where you can find the savings.”

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