Are you Happy with your Travel Management Company?

Has a new acquisition suddenly catapulted your company into a new financial tier? Maybe you’re finding that onboarding a new company or simply expanding organically can be difficult to manage. These types of changes can also provide an opportunity to make some needed adjustments to your teaming partners. If you’re considering a new corporate agency to service your business travel needs, think about your answers to these questions and reach out to us for a review of your travel program.

1. Could You Get More Bang for Your Buck?

You spend a considerable amount on business travel and expenses. Is there a way to get some added value or additional amenities for your travel spend? Travel Leaders Corporate manages over $1 billion in total travel volume. That means our buying power is formidable, and that we can create opportunities for your company to get preferential supplier deals and discounts. As a valued long-term partner, we continue to analyze monthly, quarterly and annual trends to identify new savings opportunities.

2. Are Your Travelers Safe?

Our CARE solution is built with artificial intelligence and instantly updates travel managers with 24/7 alerts about emergency situations and global alerts. It also offers optional on-the-road mobile tools and assistance to executives, travelers and non-travelers. CARE features three competitively-priced levels of service that companies can choose from to match varying needs.

3. Is Your TMC Analyzing your Spending Data?

Our Business Travel Insights plan gives you a dashboard view of your spending, with the ability to deep dive into problem areas. Data becomes insight: we capture and consolidate your travel transactions and review the findings. Those analytics power better decisions around policy compliance, supplier programs, and improvements in the overall travel program.

4. How Updated are the Technology Options?

Are you hearing grumbles about the booking tool? We offer an intuitive booking platform backed by some of the most powerful partnerships in the travel industry. Technology is constantly changing so your vendor should always be evaluating the latest & greatest products. We work with Conferma for virtual payments, Freebird to identify and proactively rebook disrupted flights, and Yapta for price tracking alerts.

5. Is Customer Service Working Out?

As you have probably discovered, business travel is fraught with delays, missed connections and cancellations. Does your TMC have a defined and reliable process in place to quickly respond when emergencies arise? Our in-house customer service team provides itinerary fulfillment, flight monitoring and 24/7 emergency assistance. Service levels are customized to your needs. We want to earn and keep your loyalty with every single transaction. We proactively reach out to your travelers via our text-based CONNECT platform that is easy to use and always available.

6. Was Their Training Effective for Your Staff?

It’s one thing to introduce a new service team, but it’s yet another to ensure every department is using them properly. Change Management is the systematic management of employee engagement and adoption when an organization changes how work will be done. Our approach to change management is to consider the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome. We identify and remove barriers, mitigate resistance and equip people with the skills, abilities and understanding to make the transition to a new TMC successful.

7. Would You Refer them to a Friend?

Is your travel vendor holding up their end of the bargain? Once you measure them against the promised cost savings and traveler acceptance, consider some of the soft issues. Do you value the relationship, and do you feel valued in return? We love our clients like ShermCo and TireHub. At Travel Leaders Group, we have an ethos of giving. Our annual Day of Giving is a company-wide initiative that benefits local food banks and hunger-related charities. We’ve also assisted in humanitarian relief efforts like the one to rebuild Puerto Rico after it was destroyed by hurricanes. Let us make a positive impact on your business!

If you’re looking to replace your current travel management company based on your answers to these questions, get in touch with us to learn how we can help.