Determine Your Meeting Type by Betsy Bondurant, CMM, CMP

As many of you know, strategic meetings management programs (SMMP) have been around in one form or another for about 20 years. One topic we don't hear a lot about is the technique of identifying tiers within the meetings portfolio to ensure the appropriate level of service is matched with the complexity and potential risk of the meeting or event. This helps to expedite the distribution of the meeting to the proper staff, as well as give internal clients a clear understanding of what services to expect from the SMMP support team.

One of the challenges for Meeting Planners is deciding what services should be aligned with each of the meeting tiers. Most meetings will need sourcing and contracting support; for simple meetings, logistical planning can be self-service. Other meeting types may need the involvement of compliance, security, or experts in building registration websites. As with most aspects of Meetings Management, the tiers need to be customized for each company. They should be based on the size and composition of the meeting portfolio, the meeting planning infrastructure, and the culture of the organization.

Below is an example of various meeting tiers that can be considered. Many small organizations will only need some version of the first three tiers. Large, multinational firms may use all six of these examples, and may even determine a few more tiers are necessary. My advice is to keep the tiers simple and aligned to your meeting expectations.

Determine Your Meeting Type

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