David Grace, VP Enterprise Holdings

Q: What should a new member to your loyalty program know?

A: The Emerald Club is our award-winning loyalty program for corporate accounts. Even though it started as a National program, it now operates for both Enterprise and National brands. An important thing to know about the program is that every rental leads to preferred status. As with most loyalty programs, the higher your status, the quicker you earn free days, are guaranteed an upgrade and availability with proper notification.

The “road warrior” would probably agree that the best on-airport rental experience is found at an Emerald Aisle ®. We have an Emerald Aisle in 70+ locations, in addition we have 30+ Virtual Aisles where a true Emerald Aisle is not possible. With every rental, the Emerald Club member gets the freedom of Choice. For Travel Managers, our Choice process and high upgrade occurrence from a mid-size car means that their travelers are more likely to adhere to their corporate travel policy.

Traveler benefits of Emerald Club include:

  • Bypass the counter at most major airports
  • Choose their own car
  • Receive helpful arrival and return alerts
  • Earn their choice of Free Rental Days or frequent flyer miles
  • Earn Emerald Club rental credits at participating Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations worldwide
  • Expedite returns with automatic emailed receipts.

Q: Does Enterprise provide status matches and upgrades for companies who switch to Enterprise Holdings?

A: When a company switches to Enterprise Holdings, ensuring a smooth transition is our top priority. One way we make it easy is that we status match all travelers to their previous supplier’s tier, it’s a minimum requirement in any conversion. In addition, we will upgrade identified VIP’s within their organization to ensure they get the recognition they deserve.

Q: What should travel managers know about reducing ground transportation costs?

A: We have many policies and tips for reducing the Total Cost of car rental, but an often-overlooked tip for travel managers is that you can save a significant amount of money in the travel budget by renting a car instead of reimbursing an employee for using their personal vehicle – mileage reimbursement. Many companies are paying employees $.545 per mile to drive their own cars for business trips. It’s a surprising fact for most companies when they discover they are spending more on mileage reimbursement than car rental.

Here’s a single trip example: Employee needs to make a 200-mile trip. If the company reimburses at $.55 per mile that trip would cost $110; it’s likely renting a car would cost half.

There are other factors to consider when contemplating renting a vehicle vs. mileage reimbursement. When an employee is driving their own car, are they representing the company appropriately? Would their car project a professional image? Has their car been properly maintained both mechanically and in terms of cleanliness? Is it properly insured? Enterprise makes it easy to rent a clean, reliable vehicle, and there’s a rental facility within 15 minutes of 90% of the U.S. population.

Q: How does Enterprise maintain its consistency while building out new brands?

A: The key to our consistency is our employees. We measure every location on an SQI (Service Quality Index) based on customer feedback. We call a sampling of our customers and ask two simple questions to find out if they were satisfied or not on a 5-point scale. If you don’t rate your experience as a 5, completely satisfied, we view that as a failure. As we expand and develop new lines of business, customer service is what continues to drive everything for us. Whether you’re renting in Paris, France or Paris, Texas – our clients can always expect outstanding customer service from an Enterprise branded service.

Q: Tell me about the latest updates to your mobile app.

A: The National Car Rental App has been incredibly successful with over 2 million downloads and a high user feedback rating. It’s available in eight languages and in more than 150 markets.

We’ve made many updates, including:

  • Touch / Face ID
  • Rental tracker
  • Rewards tracker
  • Rental extensions
  • Receipt retrieval
  • Roadside assistance
  • Expedited rental processes with Emerald Checkout
  • Tolls Pass integration
  • Custom notifications that can be customized by account

As we look to the future we know the National app will play an increasingly important role in how our customers want to engage with us, therefore, we will be making continuous upgrades to ensure it is evolving with the market and meeting our customers’ expectations.

Q: How can business travelers make their trips more efficient from airport lines to pick-up and drop-off?

A: The Emerald Aisle is the fastest, most effective way to rent a car – bar none. Unless they want to stop and chat with someone on our customer service team, they simply walk out to the lot, choose their own car and are on their way. Our customers get the freedom of choice without any potential increased costs. We’ve also expedited the check-out process at the exit booth via our mobile app and the Emerald Checkout feature.  Customers can scan the barcode on the car, show the agent their phone and driver’s license and drive on their way.

Q: How does your Ride Share product work?

A: Enterprise’s ride share program, recently rebranded to Commute with Enterprise, is similar to a carpool. A vehicle, operated by your fellow employee, will pick up a group of coworkers and commute together. Our corporate accounts really like this option because it has numerous benefits for both the employee and the employer. The employee can save money, cut commute times and be more efficient. For the employer it increases employee satisfaction, reduce parking congestion, reduce carbon output and increase employee productivity. Our ride share service, Commute, is a game changer for attracting and retaining workers.

Q: What is Enterprise doing to prepare for future?

A: Enterprise is incredibly excited for what’s in store. We believe that we are the industry’s most innovative mobility company, and we’re constantly striving to innovate and grow.

Since 2013, we have made capital investments or commitments of more than $170 million in emerging transportation technology and mobility companies through our wholly owned entity, Clayton Venture Partners. For example, Enterprise completed new investments in Mobi, a human-centric real-time routing technology company, and in Coolfire Solutions, an IoT and situational-awareness platform. We’ll continue to look for opportunities to make these types of investments that advance our company and the industry forward.

In addition, Enterprise has made strategic partnerships with a number of organizations, groups and corporations to keep us focused on the future. For example, we’ve recently partnered with GM to put 100,000 connected cars on the road, and we’re working with Voyage, a company developing autonomous automotive options in North America.

Combine all of this with our core operational excellence, family ownership and financial strength, these investments are positioning us well to be to not only be a part of the future of transportation, but to help shape the future of ground mobility.