Shermco Industries

Travel Leaders Corporate has signed on to support Shermco Industries, which specializes in electrical design and maintenance for manufacturers, petrochemical companies and utilities. Their core mission is servicing the electrical industry which can also include testing, maintenance and repairs. Based in Texas, Shermco is a leader in the wind energy market segment which accounts for about 20% of their total business. Wind is now the fifth largest source of electricity in the U.S. and could generate 10% of all electricity in the country by 2020, according to the Department of Energy.

With partnership agreements with most major motor and generator manufacturers, Shermco sends their large staff of certified technicians and engineers in the air and on the road to test, analyze and maintain electrical power systems. Shermco offers field services on machines throughout their coverage area and beyond, servicing and repairing equipment from marine applications to steel production to pipeline pumping stations. With a sales office in Brussels, they are also dealing with most major European-based equipment manufacturers.

With 19 service center locations and more to come, Travel Leaders Corporate has committed to keeping Shermco employees on-site when their customers call. Shermco supports their customers globally, working in over 50 countries on six continents and traveling to even more locations every year.

Travel Leaders Corporate has committed to keeping Shermco employees on-site when their customers call. 

Alon Zaibert, VP of Corporate Sales at Travel Leaders Corporate notes, “Right from our initial conversation over the phone, our partnership felt right. We are committed to supporting the people and mission of Shermco Industries. They placed their trust in us and it feels great.”

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Check out this video of Alon Zaibert introducing the partnership with Shermco Industries.

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