Long airport line

Flight delays and cancellations are more than just an inconvenience for business travelers. A missed flight could mean missing an important meeting or conference, throwing off their whole work schedule.

There are numerous reasons why flights might be delayed or canceled. Several airlines have been dealing with the ongoing issues around the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Weather conditions from wind to rain to snow to fog routinely interrupt air travel. A major winter storm in March led to the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights at airports along the east coast. One major carrier struggled with the cancellation of 4% of its route network in June 2019 due to summer thunderstorms and ongoing maintenance issues. But technology and Mother Nature aren’t the only culprits.

While the causes of cancellations and delays are varied, one thing is certain. Having someone to call, who knows them and their needs and can offer immediate assistance, is invaluable to a business traveler. That’s where a corporate travel agency who specializes in the needs of business travelers comes in.

Just as it is the job of the business traveler to keep up on the latest in his or her industry, it is the job of a business travel agency to know airlines, airports and schedules inside and out. Travel Leaders Corporate has developed close relationships with air carriers through years of working with them and can put that knowledge to use for their clients when there’s a delay or cancellation. They also keep close tabs on anything that could be causing flight delays, from the weather to system outages, so that they can alert their clients and help them reach their destinations or get back home again safely.

You know what it’s like at an airport when there’s been a major problem with delays and cancellations – hundreds of frustrated passengers who want to be on the move and overwhelmed airline representatives doing their best to get everyone where they need to go. The scene is chaotic and stressful for everyone.

The secret weapon that corporate travel agencies use is automated flight tracking services. “Our support teams use our proprietary Universal Passenger Record (UPR) system to quickly identify impacted passengers and alert our corporate customers with viable alternative options,” said Peter Vlitas, SVP of Airline Relations, Travel Leaders Group.

As a traveler what you want at that point is someone on your side, whose job it is to assist you personally. You want to be able to get a person on the phone quickly who can help. That’s where a corporate travel agency has your back. Corporate agents are professionals with whom you’ve developed a relationship, who know where you’re coming from and where you need to go. You’re not just a number waiting on hold. Most importantly, your agent has helped numerous clients in similar situations and can draw on the high level of expertise that comes with experience. That expertise means agents who specialize in business travel can often get their clients the last seat on the next available flight, in effect moving them up to the front of the line.

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