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Take a look at how TireHub is launching a managed travel program and implementing new business travel policies for its 280+ mobile employees. Rolling out the new booking platform has resulted in immediate cost savings and greater efficiency for their workers. In fact, they’ve already saved 50% over the prior year’s costs on their national meeting. Find out more about how this company has streamlined business travel for their staff.

Q: What is TireHub’s business model?

TireHub is a wholesale distributor that serves independent tire dealers and retailers across the United States. We distribute the complete passenger and light truck tire portfolios from two of the world’s top tire makers, Bridgestone and Goodyear.

TireHub’s mission is to distribute the highest quality products possible to our customers so they can put their customers on tires they love. The company is out to set a new standard of excellence for tire distribution in the U.S. by focusing on the needs of dealers and their customers.

TireHub will enable customers to manage growing complexity in the tire industry and limited on-site inventory space. With immediate national scale, TireHub will reach most retail locations in the U.S. with same-day deliveries, ensuring retailers have the right tires at the right time to meet the needs of customers and end-users.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, TireHub has 1,200 team members working within its corporate office, plus 68 logistics center locations across the U.S.

Q: What has the Travel Leaders Corporate partnership meant for your company?

Our relationship with Travel Leaders Corporate has been great from the start. Our CEO’s Executive Assistant, Lori Thornton, worked with the team for six weeks to get everything set up for TireHub, and the team couldn’t have been more helpful. Susan Bailey, Jeff Hawkins, Alon Zaibert, Gina Watts and the LaGrange office were incredible to work with and played a huge part in the successful launch of our new travel program.

Thanks to our partnership with Travel Leaders Corporate, we were able to cut our travel costs in half from what we spent in 2018!

As a new company, we are always eager to partner with businesses that can help us to grow and be successful. Many of our employees (we like to call them Hubbers) are constantly on the road – traveling to our centers, visiting customers or commuting home on a weekly basis. The organization and streamlining of our travel processes that come from working with Travel Leaders Corporate has been significant. We hosted our second annual National Meeting in February, flying in almost 300 of our Hubbers from around the U.S. Thanks to our partnership with Travel Leaders Corporate, we were able to cut our travel costs in half from what we spent in 2018!

Q: What have you learned about running a corporate travel program?

Running a corporate travel program gives us much more insight into the travel-related decisions our travelers make. The booking process alone is so much more convenient – instead of pricing flights, hotels and cars from multiple locations, our travelers now have a one stop shop for all of their travel needs. The time savings in that process alone means more time for our Hubbers to focus on saying yes to our customers.

We’re always looking for more ways to streamline travel for our Hubbers. So, our current focus is educating our Hubbers on the ins and outs of our program so that they make the best travel decisions. Thanks to Travel Leaders Corporate, we’ve designed a process that benefits both Hubbers and our company, and participation is fundamental to the success of our program. And as we continue to evolve, we look forward to incorporating other travel benefits, such as contracts with hotels located near our distribution center locations, to take advantage of future cost savings.

Q: How many business travelers are you managing?

We have approximately 280 travelers across our organization. We are relatively new - both as a company and as a Travel Leaders Corporate partner - so we look forward to understanding our Hubbers’ travel patterns and other related information as we move forward.

Q: do you analyze travel spending data?

We are in the early stages of analyzing travel spend outside of our start-up phase. We look forward to the rich insights that Travel Leaders Corporate will provide that will help us to understand how we can continue to improve our travel program for our Hubbers and for TireHub.

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