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Have you outsourced your business travel to a partner that you no longer feel in true partnership with? With the evolving needs that companies develop and the constant pressure to meet financial goals, perhaps your company has outgrown or is misaligned with its current travel management company. To aid you in your search for the right partner, here are the key points to focus on.

Detail your travel spending:

  • How much do you spend on Travel & Expenses (T&E) annually and quarterly?
  • Air/Hotel/Car: Break down international vs. domestic, total trips and spending, plus expected fluctuations
  • Where are your employees traveling and how long are they staying?
  • Do you have a formal travel policy? Are employees currently compliant with it?
  • Could you track down your travelers quickly in a natural disaster or crisis situation?
  • What are your company’s projections in growth & revenue? And how will travel spending align with that growth?
  • What is your company’s average number of days in advance for purchasing airline tickets prior to travel? How does it compare with other companies of similar size in your industry?
  • What types of reporting would your leadership find valuable?
Could you track down your travelers quickly in a natural disaster or crisis situation?

Identify objectives for your company:

Cost Savings: What are the savings goals and expectations, and are they realistic? Are your company’s negotiated rates comparable to others with similar spending?
Partner Up: Determine if the partner belongs to any beneficial travel networks. You’ll appreciate the opportunity to choose from a large network of suppliers.
Travel Experience Improvement: Does the potential partner offer any special benefits or perks such as airline status or upgrades, hotel amenities, car vendor status upgrades, etc. which could improve your travelers’ experience?
Technology: To maximize travelers’ productivity on the road, solutions have to be mobile-ready.
Challenges: Are you using your travel spending data to its maximum potential?
Improve Productivity of Employees while Traveling: How can a well-planned trip improve productivity?
Safety & Security: Are your people staying at reputable locations that protect guests’ personal security? And, do employees travel with sensitive intellectual property on their devices?
Locating Travelers: How can you help a stranded employee if you can’t find her? Better to plan for the unexpected before you’re tested by it.
Compliance: How can you improve your staff’s compliance rate to the travel policy to nearly 100%?

Locate relevant Information:

• T&E reports
• Corporate credit card data
• Itinerary databases for geographic patterns
• Contracted/negotiated discounts & rates with suppliers and any usage/savings reports
• Airlines: soft dollar program details and ROI, plus any elite loyalty members

Request information about their company:

• How does your company’s size and travel spending rank within their customer base?
• Do they have clients with similar needs? What lessons have they learned from implementing a managed travel program with a company like yours?
• Can they provide references from existing users?
• Who’s responsible for the program’s success?
• Are you in agreement as to how to measure success?

What lessons have they learned from implementing a managed travel program with a company like yours?

At Travel Leaders Group, we understand that every company is different and we’ve got years of experience customizing solutions that make business travel as seamless and cost-effective as possible. Travel Leaders Group can help you transition from your previous agency with our proven change management plan. We’re ready to deploy our travel fulfillment services anytime and can help you roll out the training and orientation your employees will need. Our analysts and travel specialists are continually searching for new ways to lower costs, demonstrate ROI and save valuable time.

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