French  business district

A diverse economy in France attracts millions of business travelers attending trade events, seminars and conferences. Travel Leaders has partnered with Marietton Development, the largest agency in France to ensure that your travelers are well-covered while doing business in country. Since April, an exclusive agreement between Travel Leaders and Havas Voyages and Ailleurs Business benefits companies with business travelers operating in the French and Swiss markets.

The two brands that specialize in supporting business travel - Havas Voyages and Ailleurs Business - account for about 60% of the Marietton Development group’s operation. In 2018, their overall business travel volume reached €1.4 billion. With 15 business travel offices and more than 450 local travel agencies, agency professionals are available to assist travelers with their transportation and accommodation needs so they can stay focused on the business that brought them there.

Travel Leaders specializes in customized business travel solutions and has expanded its international reach to over 80 countries. “I’m glad to be working with Havas Voyages and Ailleurs Business, a robust team of top-level professional travel agencies who can offer a full range of business, leisure and event services. They are the most successful agency in their country, and we value their service-oriented approach,” said Angeles Yugdar, SVP of International Markets for Travel Leaders Network.

Travel Leaders’ network of international partner agencies aims to offer international customers that ability to rely on a proven group of agencies to deliver ultra-personalized service. Arnaud Fontanille, CEO of the Marietton Group said, “The strength of the Travel Leaders network is to rely on recognized local players, who offer a strong added value on proximity and quality of service.”

Travel Leaders partners not only handle trip logistics, but also control the data and technology behind the scenes keeping everything secure and safe. Clients have access to the technology stack deployed by Travel Leaders: online booking solutions, marketing programs, hotel programs, as well as customer analysis and reporting tools and some of the leisure programs.

Mega-TMCs often propose the same standard offer, with impersonal service and onerous processes. Travel Leaders brings something different to the market. With Travel Leaders, there is no standard offer. Instead, the emphasis is on local proximity, customized solutions and responsive customer service. They are also able to offer a leisure dimension, unlike other TMCs that focus exclusively on business travel.

Travel Leaders, like the Marietton Group, is concentrating on "mid-market" clients by focusing on offerings based on the quality of services rather than the cost per transaction. In a sector based on volume with low margins, the bigger the group, the greater the bargaining power.

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