Angeles Yugdar, SVP International Markets

For organizations with offices across major international cities, consolidation to a single travel policy, one set of airline deals and a shared hotel program sounds ideal. Travelers would appreciate having quick and easy access to a team of agents with a full understanding of the company’s objectives, the details of the travel policy and individual regional nuances.

Travel Leaders has just the solution for multinational corporations. With agency representation in 80+ countries, our international coverage allows Travel Leaders to service companies that need continuity of service as their employees travel globally. In Europe, many of these agencies are the largest in their respective countries. 

The winning combination of personalized service, location coverage, travel volume and highly flexible technology solutions makes Travel Leaders a perfect fit for companies unappreciated and forgotten by a mega-agency. If you’ve grown tired of the lack of personalized care and attention, consider a new alternative.

Don’t be a frustrated small fish swimming in the global oceans of a mega-agency. At Travel Leaders, you’ll find a flexible, nimble and customer-centric partner. If our customers need something, the answer is yes and then we figure out how to make it happen. Our solutions are price-competitive, coupled with personalized service and strong technology solutions.

3 key principles that differentiate Travel Leaders from its competitors:

1. Technology Integration:

Our technology solutions are fresh and robust, while other TMCs are working with 40-year-old technology. We build it, buy it or contract with 3rd party solutions that are far more cost effective and faster to market. By the time our competitors personalize your technology integration, your contract will be over!

2. Personal Attention:

We want to be close to our partners to understand their needs and priorities. We offer local service backed by global buying power. For example, we know better than to offer you a Spanish-speaking call center in Mexico City for your Madrid office.

3. No Bureaucracy:

Mega-agencies are bogged down by layers of VPs and a general lack of decision-making ability. Your business suffers from this frustrating bureaucracy. We’re all about your success and can adapt to customer service and technology issues in real time. We’re all about agility and customized strategic account planning.

Travel Leaders has combined the resources and scale of a mega-agency with the agility to provide world class service. Innovation is part of our culture. It’s not on the road map - it’s what we’re doing right now. Our CONNECT chat feature is a game-changer. We’re making great things happen for our clients.

How can we help you? Get in touch with us to today to find out what we can do for your company.