Clinical trial travel management
Every year, 4 million seriously ill patients take part in over 300,000 clinical trials across the world. Filled with hope of lifesaving treatment and medical breakthroughs, these patients travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to their designated research centers. The sad fact is, however, that 85% of all clinical trials are discontinued because of poor patient retention. Patients leave trials for many reasons, but not infrequently, it’s because of the burden of travel. Travel Lifeline, a specialized patient travel offering from Travel Leaders Corporate, was created specifically to address this costly problem by reducing the logistical and financial barriers to clinical trial participation.
“For many years, Travel Leaders Corporate has provided specialized clinical trial patient travel and we take great satisfaction in supporting these patients and their caregivers at such a critically important time.” 
- Michael Boult, Travel Leaders Corporate SVP of Sales & Client Solutions

Seventy percent of clinical trial patients travel more than two hours to get to their research site. At a time when they are most vulnerable, these courageous patients leave their homes to spend days and weeks, sometimes even months and years, away from family and friends. Some require daily on-site treatment, while others fly back and forth every few weeks or months. Some are alone and some are accompanied by a caregiver. Others travel with their spouse or, for pediatric patients, their parents and siblings. Every patient is unique, and each one deserves the support of a team of highly trained medical travel advisors. Travel Leaders Corporate has developed exactly such a team in Travel Lifeline.

As one can imagine, Travel Lifeline’s support services far exceed the traditional travel management model. Working in an industry where attention to detail is everything, Travel Lifeline’s advisors are unsurpassed in their expertise. From providing air ambulances to working with airport security to ensure patients can fly with their life-saving medical devices, these dedicated advisors offer an unprecedented level of 24/7 patient support. What does that entail? Anything and everything that will ease the burden of travel for patients and their caregivers. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles, TSA Cares® support, child care and translation services, medical device and supply shipping, passports and visas, furnished apartments and pre-payments, the list of specialty services is long and growing.


  • Air, rail, hotel and ground transportation
  • Relocation services, including short- and long-term apartment rentals
  • Patient reimbursement
  • Stipend payments and pre-paid credit cards
  • Logistical services such as wheelchair-assist vehicles, TSA Cares® support, child care, translation services and personal shopping
  • Medical device and supply shipping
  • Passports and visas
  • Travel and international medical insurance

By turning the traditional clinical trial travel model on its head, Travel Lifeline not only lowers the logistical barriers to travel, but the financial as well. In the past, clinical trial patients have had to pay out of pocket for travel and accommodation expenses, only to be reimbursed weeks, if not months, later. For many patients, this stipulation creates an insurmountable financial barrier that in part explains the difficulty studies have in recruiting patients and why 30% of patients eventually drop out. Thanks to Travel Lifeline, however, all travel-related expenses, including per diems for food and living expenses, are processed with little to no patient involvement.

Travel Lifeline undoubtedly provides an invaluable service to patients and their caregivers, but it also helps ensure the efficiency of the clinical trials themselves. Through a purpose-driven technology platform, Travel Lifeline offers care coordinators and trial managers a broad range of strategic management solutions. Similar in some ways to a corporate travel management platform, Travel Lifeline’s technology platform is the linchpin that holds together a complex web of travel management data, analytic and reporting solutions, government regulations and expense-tracking and billing systems.

Through this platform, Travel Lifeline increases clinical trial efficiency and speeds the drug development process. That’s significant, considering every year clinical trials that fail to meet their recruitment and retention goals lead to an industry-wide loss of over $40 billion. In fact, studies have shown that patient-centric studies that offer the types of services Travel Lifeline provides, take three months less time and show a 10%-20% increase in the likelihood of product launch.


  • Helps recruit and retain patients by easing the burden of travel
  • Lowers logistical and financial barriers to enrollment
  • Maximizes engagement and improves patient outcomes
  • Increases patient and site satisfaction rates
  • Reduces medical transportation costs
  • Increases efficiency via a centralized management platform
  • Boosts visibility with real-time spend tracking and robust reporting

Through this patient-centric travel management program, Travel Lifeline not only offers promising advancements in patient care, but a step forward for clinical trials and the life-saving drugs they bring to the marketplace. Once again, Travel Leaders Corporate is proving itself to be the undisputed leader in travel management.

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