Woman at ticket counter getting a boarding pass. Soft dollar airline programs save you big on airfare.

Soft dollar airline programs pay your company back for consolidating airfare spending with a designated carrier. When done well, you receive points in exchange for buying airfare that can be used for free tickets, upgrades and lounge day passes. Plus, you can take full advantage of soft dollar program points by using them to offset hard dollars spent on business travel.

The business travel experts at Travel Leaders Group analyze spending patterns and your company’s most popular routes to help identify the best match in an airline partner. We can implement and optimize a soft dollar program that is sure to become one of the most valuable plays in your business travel budget.

The Benefits Are Clear

Your company gains significant value for merging your airfare spend into one account. Travel Leaders Group tracks how your airfare budget is spent so you can see just how much money you’ve saved by redeeming soft dollar tickets to pay for the more expensive flights.

But the Major Work Happens After Enrollment

This is where Travel Leaders Group comes in. We ensure all eligible travelers are in the program and that your bookings are exclusively with the right airline. By using our proprietary booking system, your employees won’t have to remember to apply the program code to each reservation. Travel Leaders Group will steer you away from the program’s pitfalls – such as allowing your soft dollar points to expire. We will also make sure you don’t miss your spending target, as most programs require an annual revenue threshold or your program will be deactivated.

Your Employees Win Too

Your employees reap rewards of participating in a soft dollar airline’s loyalty program. As your company racks up the soft dollars, they keep the miles and move up the status levels faster! With Travel Leaders Group, you can feel confident that every booking made through our online travel booking portal will receive credit. And for your company's frequent travelers, perks like airline lounge access can make those weather and air traffic delays somewhat productive.

The Hard Truth and an Easy Solution

You need to actively manage the program to see the most value. Which is where a company like Travel Leaders Group can offer major assistance. Our travel experts can advise you on when to use points for high-fare routes and how to distribute the plan’s perks to your hardest working road warriors, especially those valuable Business Class upgrades that keep your travelers happy. It does no good to stockpile soft dollar points if you still have employees booking last-minute tickets with sky-high fares. Travel Leaders Group can monitor employee bookings to make sure you get the maximum value from the program.

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