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Maintaining wellness on the road is a key concern for frequent travelers and those who manage their travel program. According to a 2019 survey by business travel technology provider Traveldoo, employee well-being has topped a list of travel managers' worries. The survey also shows that travel managers are the ones tasked with addressing this issue.

Employee wellness is one of the top challenges facing many organizations with workers who travel often. So how do you help your staff stay in good balance? Consider these four aspects of wellness and how you might encourage your travelers to carve out time for themselves during a business trip.

Centered Fitness

Most hotels offer at least a basic gym and some provide fitness equipment that can be used in your room. But a few hotels are taking it even further with distinctive fitness offerings. For example, the Sheraton New York Times Square unveiled a $500,000 fitness center renovation complete with a Peloton bike studio.

Finding a well-equipped gym at your hotel is like hitting the lottery. But many travelers don’t have time to search out those amenities before booking their trip. That’s where your TMC can help. They can alert you about hotels with wellness facilities that your employees can try out. A travel advisor can let you know how wellness is practiced at different hotel properties, usually a range of experiences from healthy cuisine to luxurious spas to fitness opportunities.

Business travelers who stay at SELECT hotel properties get benefits like free WiFi and breakfast, and a gift at check-in. The gift is usually a credit on the invoice which could be used for a much-needed spa appointment.

Sleep Quality

A key component of daily wellness while traveling is sleep. And to make sure your travelers are well-rested, you need to find out about the bedding, the mattresses, and other ways to customize a room based on a set of unique requirements. Some hotels are even removing digital clocks to get the room closer to pitch black.

According to a Global Business Travel Association study, 79% of all business travelers, and 88% of millennial business travelers said their job-related travel experience affected their overall job satisfaction. Tap into your agency partner to find out about their hotel partners’ latest product offerings so you can pass that information along to your staff.

Outdoor Time

Beyond the gym, spending time outside is sometimes crucial in taking a break from work. Having access to nature is an important aspect of wellness and key to balancing out a day spent in a conference room. Hiking, biking, walking or just sitting near a stream or under a tree canopy can really knock down stress levels.

Healthy Eating

The COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach is a hotel that’s heavily focused on wellness. They offer a separate menu of COMO Shambhala Cuisine - but only a few people take advantage of it because it’s not heavily publicized. The hotel works to source organic, Floridian produce from land and sea, cooking with the freshest ingredients available. It’s a unique way to connect with the local culture, while maintaining a healthy diet.

Sharing information about this and other wellness options while traveling for business can go a long way to addressing one of your frequent travelers’ top concerns.

Find out more. Listen to our wellness podcast with industry insiders Karen Magee, Vice President of Leisure Operations for Tzell Travel Group, and Michael Heflin, Senior Vice President of the Hotel Division, Travel Leaders Group, as they discuss trending wellness experiences with Jackie Roby and Sallie Fraenkel, curators of the SELECT Wellness hotel program.

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