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Travel Leaders International is a leading travel management company with 8,000 travel advisors and operations in over 80 countries. Here we discuss the company’s scope and benefits with Angeles Yugdar, Senior Vice President of International Markets.

What is Travel Leaders International?

Angeles Yugdar: We are a fresh, new organization with a unique approach to travel management. Not only do we manage corporate travel, but we also manage meetings and events along with leisure and luxury travel through the largest DMC network in the world. This creates a unique value proposition for all of our customers, as we have the scope and flexibility to handle their complete travel needs.

Even though we are a relatively new organization, we possess many years of history and experience servicing multinational accounts. Many of our exclusive international partners have been working together for over 30 years.

How does Travel Leaders International benefit travelers?

AY: The largest travel agencies in over 80 countries belong exclusively to Travel Leaders. This global partnership allows us to provide a wide range of services around the world, all with a personalized, local touch. So no matter where our travelers go, they will be in the good hands of our trusted partners.

That peace of mind is valuable in today’s chaotic world. Political, social and economic factors impact travelers daily. Travel Leaders International has the ability and the agility to react quickly across the globe, providing assistance and services whenever and wherever they are needed.

Which products or technologies does Travel Leaders International provide that travelers should take advantage of?

AY: While we do work with a number of new technologies, we use them to enhance services, not replace people. And every tool we do use goes one step further than anything else currently in the marketplace.

For example, we have an airline solution that secures better NDC rates and guarantees real-time train bookings, among other things. Our reporting analytics taps into the predictive behavior for your travelers, so we can predict future spending patterns to determine new possibilities to save. Our passenger safety tool not only tracks the whereabouts of your passengers, but it uses artificial intelligence to predict dangerous scenarios and provides evacuation services when needed. And our app incorporates a communications tool that makes it easy to connect directly with live travel professionals 24/7 through WhatsApp.

How can Travel Leaders International make meetings and events easier?

AY: The way we treat meetings is different from traditional travel management companies. We have an entire company called YES (Your Event Solution) that is 100% dedicated to worldwide events management. We assign different levels to each event and provide a unique suite of tools and technologies to suit each level. This means we can personalize our solutions to each company and event.

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